Metro Church of God
Dr. Art Rhodes (Chairman of the Church of God Benefits Board-financial division for the Church of God organization in the United States)
Work: 423-478-7131 Home: 423-476-8176

TASK-After attempting to sell a large church/school facility with gymnasium in the southeast area for several years, through another real estate broker. I was asked to solve the problem. Very complicated transaction involving two non profit organizations and the City of Greenwood Village. I closed the transaction, $1,800,000+, in approximately 5 months.

Intercession Episcopal Church
Alan Inge (Chairman of the Elder Board for Intercession Episcopal)
Work: 303-336-5816 Home: 303-357-3190

TASK-Intercession Episcopal Church had tried to sell their church facility located at 9998 Grant Street, Thornton, CO for 5-6 years and had employed 5-6 real estate companies/brokers to get the job done. They all failed. I was hired and within 87 days we had a full price contract, $1,000,000.00. The transaction closed.

New Covenant Christian Church (formerly Parkhill Christian Church)
Rev. Reginald Holmes (Senior Pastor)
Work: 303-377-6237 Home: 303-322-6818

TASK-Sell their current church facility (5500 East 26th Avenue) and a single family residence the church owned (2572 Hudson Street) and relocate the congregation into a larger facility. The task was complicated by the requirement of the congregation to close on the sale of their current church facility, the single family residence and the new church facility ON THE SAME DAY since the congregation didn't want to make a double move. The transaction was further complicated by the involvement of the main denomination (out of state) that was intimately involved in the decision making process at every step of the way. The transaction was further complicated because the owner of the church facility I sold to New Covenant Christian Church was two recently merged Jewish congregations (their elder board was 114 members) that had a doctrine/covenant that prohibited financially aiding a non-jewish church. The transaction was even further complicated when our inspections of the building revealed that over $130,000.00 of furnace/boiler/asbestos work would need to be completed before we could close on this 40,000+ square foot building. I did coordinate all 3 properties closing on the same day and the congregation was able to move immediately from one facility to the next.

Arvada Covenant Church
Marc Espinosa (original president of the Board, Owner of BCE Engineering)
Work: 303-422-7400 Home: 303-422-9498

TASK-Conduct a site search to build a new church facility, first phase building a minimum of 60,000 square feet and ultimately 90,000 square feet of building, annex the new site into a municipality that can provide utilities, rezone the site, coordinate new building design/rezoning/city development plan with architects and engineers, obtain approval from Covenant Denomination (out of state) and local municipality to build the new facility, sell existing church facility and adjacent office building and close the sale concurrent with the completion of the new building. I found the perfect site, negotiated a donation to the church from the site owners (owners live in the Filipino Islands), annexed the site into the City of Arvada, rezoned the site for a church/school, coordinated the new building design, obtained denominational and city approvals, sold their church facility and office building. Closed on the church facility, office building and completion of their new facility.

Mickey Zeppelin (Owner of Zeppelin Development Company)
Work: 303-573-0781

TASK-Mickey Zeppelin is a well known real estate investor/developer in Colorado. He has purchased two church facilities through me (1080 Acoma Street & 225 Lincoln) and has sold one church through me (225 Lincoln). Please keep in mind that as a real estate investor/developer, Mickey Zeppelin works with real estate brokers all the time and will therefor be very selective.

Bob Mcpherson (President of the national board, Attorney in California)
Work: 831-646-1411
Tim Anderson (member of the national board, Commercial real estate agent in Canada)
Work: 403-261-1129

TASK-The I AM SCHOOL organization purchased a church/school facility (5470 South Lowell Blvd) that I had listed 6-7 years ago. They used another real estate agent in the purchase. When the I AM SCHOOL decided to sell the facility last year they did not call their agent, they called me. I sold their facility and coordinated the move of the school into a new facility in California.

Mayflower Capital Company
Randy Ship (Owner of Mayflower Capital Company)
Work: 303-388-6666 Home: 303-691-9191

Randy Ship is a successful real estate investor that owns, among other things, casinos, ski areas, golf courses, a local theatre that seats 2,000 people etc. I've sold 2 office buildings for Mayflower (2155 South Wadsworth & 2165 South Wadsworth) and a church/school facility (1200 Miramonte Street). Please keep in mind that as a real estate investor, Randy Ship works with real estate brokers all the time and will therefor be very critical.

Horizon Community Church (Formerly Ridgeview Hills Christian)
Pete Van Elderen (Senior Pastor)
Work: 303-791-2143

TASK-Sell their 2 building facility, coordinate new construction project occupancy and finalize transaction for acquiring adjacent ground at their current location (cleaned up boundary lines). Completed in 1999.

Denver Church of Christ
John Chisholm (Administrator for Church of Christ in Colorado)
Work: 303-463-9220 extension 12, Home: 303-661-0947

I have assisted the Church of Christ in leasing various properties and acquiring two facilities.